The chase.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1985 when “Days of our Lives'” Hope Williams Brady was kidnapped by the Dragon…

This week, Sonny Kiriakis was attacked by thugs in Salem. Back then, Hope was nabbed by the Dragon, a terrorist being pursued by Hope, Bo Brady, and Shane Donovan in London. The Dragon, who was later revealed to be Shane’s old friend the Duke of Earl, revealed that Shane’s believed to be dead wife, Emma Donovan, was still alive. The Dragon had programmed her to kill Bo and Hope.

The Dragon chased Hope on foot through the city of London. He caught her and took her on a terrifying car ride through inclement weather to an old castle. Later, he was trapped in the Tower of London by Bo and Hope, and after making his way back to the United States, he died while trying to kill Shane.

Do you remember where Hope was when the Dragon finally caught her in London? Vote in our “Days” poll: