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Salem Shenanigans from January 26 – 30:

We’re closer to Sweeps than ever but so far, many are complaining things aren’t that exciting in Salem. Let’s hope for a better week to come and discuss this past one.

This week Salem went from a green winter to “instablizzard” and back in a nanosecond. Was it just enough time to make a Clydesicle as Victor suspected or was it cold enough to stop the blood flow from the bullet wounds? Or if Clyde, the hillbilly version of Curtis, was wearing a vest has he already gotten up and started planning Victor’s demise? Last week I didn’t like that there was no mystery in his shooter but now I think it’s more fun this way to imagine what happened when we’ve no clues! Did anyone else notice Clyde had the privilege of having Eve’s moaning music playing during his “demise?”

Rafe kissed me.
He may have his reasons for not telling everyone what Chad said about Jordan and Abigail. Maybe he’s just being a gentleman, but by not saying anything, Ben’s making himself look like more of a big meat head. If he told them it could do more good protecting them than not. Shame he didn’t record it! Speaking of Chad… he’s been in Salem since September 2014 and we’re still not privy to what he’s up to with regards to Jordan. Is she just a diversion from the real task of getting back at Abigail for having sex with his brother EJ? Is this the story? Because if it is, it’s not very captivating. It does, however, appear as though Chad actually cares for Jordan and really was jealous of her kissing Rafe. It’s just like a DiMera to show their love for someone by doing something completely disgusting and stupid the way he intentionally got Ben arrested. Not that Ben’s innocent in this. And Jordan’s a pushover. It’s difficult to believe a woman so intent on protecting her little brother would just let Chad off the hook after learning he intentionally taunted Ben to get him thrown in jail. Jail! It makes Jordan look weak and Chad that much more of an ass. And let’s set the record straight, shall we? Jordan kissed Rafe back for at least six seconds before pushing him away. It spoke volumes. In last week’s Deconstructing DOOL I ranted a bit about the lack of mystery – how we already know who Clint is and what his MO is with Theresa but now that Melanie of all people has become suspicious, it could make for some interesting scenes with Melanie piecing things together. Just knowing Mandrake’s name is enough. She should enlist Nicole’s help in this mystery.

I’m more convinced that JJ and Eve are into each other. They do have chemistry. Not that it’s exactly um appropriate but nevertheless it’s there. It’s become interesting to see them together but Eve really needs her own life aside from destroying her kid’s. How many times have we all said that?

Computer genius?
Many are wondering how Serena knew so quickly that Nicole had copied files on to her thumb drive. It’s a soapy world. Was it weird that Nicole wanted to expose the truth about Serena when she didn’t really get what the truth exactly was? Just looking at a document with one byline wouldn’t have exposed much. It’d still be a case of Ted said, Serena said. Serena had a very good point. It was surprising that Nicole didn’t check Ted out. If she had would she have found that he’s really not mentally ill? Is Ted really mentally ill or are he, Myra, and Serena in cahoots? And did Serena really need to hold her cell in her hand with the picture of the elephant while she searched for it in Eric’s apartment? It’s an elephant. How many could there possibly be in Eric’s place? There was a 99% chance that if she found a freaking elephant statue in his apartment that it’d be the elephant she was looking for? That scene made my head hurt.