“For crying out loud, there’s my badge.”

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1983 when “Days of our Lives'” Abe Carver was forced to place Roman Brady under arrest…

Someone gets arrested today in Salem, but back then it was a more serious situation as Abe was left with no choice but to arrest Roman for murder after he was witnessed committing the crime. Marlena Evans and Sandy Horton were shocked to see Roman kill Daisy Hawkins right before their eyes. Marlena admitted to Abe off the record that she saw Roman do it, but insisted that it must have been someone who looked like Roman, as he would never do such a thing. Because Sandy had also been on the scene, Abe had to make the arrest and take Roman’s badge away. Bo Brady showed up afterward and Marlena explained what was happening. Bo also maintained that Roman must be innocent. Marlena called Don Craig for help.

In the end, Andre DiMera was revealed as the true culprit in what proved to be a string of murders. Do you remember what the murderer in the case was called? Vote in our “Days” poll: