Eileen Galindo (NBC)

The Basics:
Birthday: December 5
Marital Status: Single..and looking
Height: 5′ 4
Hair Color: Brown

Shannon: Hi Eileen? This is Shannon with Soaps.com. How are you doing today?

Eileen: Hey there, I’m good. I was just looking at you guys site. It’s great!

Shannon: I’m glad that you like it! Let me start by welcoming you to Days of Our Lives…I am sure that you are excited about that!

Eileen: Oh, it is so much fun!

Shannon: What can you tell us about your character Beverly Healy?

Eileen: Beverly is a woman who casually meets Shawn, Belle and Claire at Java Café. She comments on how sweet she is and how she has a son of her own over in Germany. By the end of the episode you realize that she is not exactly what she appears to be.

Shannon: Ahh, in true drama fashion!

Eileen: Laughter… Love it! You know what it is? I said to the guys (because I recurred on a soap and had small parts years ago) you know, this show is written in such classic soap opera style. It is really written in such a great way.

Shannon: You said that you have appeared on other soaps, tell us about that.

Eileen: I did small day player parts on One Life to Live years ago. Then I was recurring on Loving for about a year and a half.

Shannon: Who did you play on Loving?

Eileen: I played a cop on there and sometimes I would be a day player. Do you remember on Loving when they started killing everybody off?

Shannon: Yes, when it was transitioning into The City?

Eileen: Yes. Well, I stayed with it when it went to The City and as they were starting to kill everybody off I would come in and say I think we’ve got him! Then of course it was No, we don’t have him! Then it would be I think we’ve really got him this time! and then No, we don’t again. It was one of those kinds of things, but it kept me gainfully employed for over a year while I was doing theatre in New York. The role on DOOL is a little meatier than me running into the room making announcements.

Shannon: How did this role of DOOL come about?

Eileen: It was like Manna from Heaven. I got a phone call from my agent while I was driving and she told me that Fran (casting director from DOOL) called her and wanted to know if I would be interested in this part. I thought it was an audition, so I told her to send me the material and I will look at it. When I got home and checked my email, there was an offer saying that it will pay this much etc, etc. I was like “ohhhh”. Laughter..

Shannon: That was nice huh?

Eileen: It was really nice! It doesn’t usually happen that way. What it was is that Fran had seen me do a play a couple of years ago here in Los Angeles and she remembered my work. She basically said that when she had the right thing for me she would give me a call. The producers have since come down to me and told me that they really had no expectations of what the character was going to be. They then informed me that I had just made her so, so, so evil! Laughter

Shannon: Laughter. Oh goodness!

Eileen: Laughter. I think she was originally just to be to the point and business like, but sort of by accident that kind of changed. The first time that I held the baby “Claire”, she loved me. When I went to go pick her up she kind of reached for me and I in that moment (in the scene) just said Oh come here sweetheart. Everyone on the set was like, “Ewww!” Laughter.

Shannon: Laughter.

Eileen: So, it was by accident that it happened that way, but they decided to keep it and you will see that on (I believe) January 3 or 4. When I take the baby it kind of gives you the creeps.

Shannon: Well you know, DAYS has a history of having some pretty wicked women on there! Laughter

Eileen: Laughter.

Shannon: I can think of a handful over the years that I have been a fan. I will be looking forward to seeing this!

Eileen: It’s a lot of fun.

Shannon: How long is your character supposed to be around?

Eileen: We don’t know yet. It was originally going to be just 2 episodes, but I have done 7 so far. They take a break starting December 19 and come back January 7. I would imagine that after they return we will have a better idea of what is going to happen.

Shannon: And did I hear it correctly that you premiere on December 20?

Eileen: That is right.

Shannon: That’s this week. The big day is almost here.

Eileen: I know, it is so exciting. You know, the cast and crew members of this show are so lovely. It is like a real family there.