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Salem Shenanigans from January 5 – 9:

The themes this week were adultery, and new beginnings. Let’s get right to it because I’ve a lot to say!

Silent Bob.
It’s nice seeing Kayla in scenes again but what was the point of her date with Silent Bob and Eric coming to her rescue at the party? It was filler when it should have been a bigger story.

This is the stuff romance is made out of.
Nicole had some of the best scenes this week with her admission of insecurity around the “good” women of Salem such as Jennifer and Serena, though the verdict’s still out on whether Serena’s really good or not. Nic even explained why she becomes obsessive. It once again endeared her to us even though we won’t expect perfection from her. The icing on the cake would have been if she finally took one last look at Eric and saw him for the judgmental, uptight ass he really is and told him so.

I truly cannot remember the last time we were treated to such a romantic evening between any couple from the candid discussion to the love-making. This is what all of the other couples are missing.

Speculation on Serena’s secret.
Considering Serena’s hiding that document in her safe and she’s a journalist who just ‘happened’ to meet Melanie Jonas in Europe, who just ‘happens’ to be Brady Black’s bestie, who just ‘happens’ to be Eric’s brother, what are the chances that she is working on Eric for a story? Or is that picture she won from a bet from years ago part of what she’s after?

The mystery deepens.
Aiden had all the right answers for Hope when she confronted him about threatening Bree. I still want to believe in him and it is obvious Hope does too. Many fans think she’s ‘stupid’ to believe in him but I don’t understand why it’s stupid to trust your boyfriend especially since he hasn’t let her down yet. Yet? Even though there have been red flags, again, he has been able to explain himself and cleared everything up. Twice. That doesn’t dissipate the niggling doubt, especially because of how frightened Bree seemed of him. But her fear of him doesn’t necessarily make him the bad guy. This is turning out to be one of the better mysteries we’ve been told in some time!

What’s up with John?
John’s return meant he and Brady are back on track but his visit with Theresa made no sense and his lack of reaction to Hope’s news that she moved on from Bo was puzzling. Has he decided to stay out of everyone’s (not just Brady’s) personal life? He appears quieter. Vote! Days Poll: What’s going on with John?

Rattled by the rattle.
We saw some foreshadowing to Theresa learning the truth about her abduction and embryo snatching with her walk in the woods and the sobbing over the baby rattle. Then Mandrake popped up a few times. The excitement’s building. Her issues with Melanie, though annoying, could be setting up future scenes when Brady and Theresa learn the truth and likely bond over having a child. It feels a little like the Kristen/Marlena/John triangle of yesteryear. It could prove to be interesting. Who else momentarily thought Melanie had Chad’s baby when she reacted to the rattle?!