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Salem Shenanigans from December 15 – 19:

The holidays are fast approaching in Salem but there are a few who are still on Santa’s naughty list. Let’s get right to it!

The mystery continues.
This week it was even more difficult to decide whether or not Aiden murdered his wife or if there’s another secret that still hasn’t been revealed. I found myself wanting to believe him and wanting Hope to believe him because it’s better than the thought that Hope might have divorced Bo for a murderer. The doubts remain, especially after that terse call Aiden made to Bree, warning not to mess with him because she knows what he’s capable of. Is that just him warning her not to slander his good name or warning that she’s next!

Is Aiden on the naughty list? Too soon to tell!

Enabler much?
Daniel’s on Santa’s nice list but he’s too nice. He’s a real push over when it comes to Melanie. He coddles her as though she’s Parker’s age and not the grown adult she is. Maybe he does it because he missed out on her entire childhood or maybe it’s because she acts like a kid so it’s easy to treat her as such. Either way, it ‘aint’ good. His purchasing gifts on her behalf for Christmas went above and beyond what a father should do for his adult child. She could have easily shopped online and had presents delivered directly to Dan’s address – rather inexpensively. The silver lining is that Nicole commented on it, saying what we were all thinking, and then it actually made for a cute scene between her and Daniel. Shame she’s still so obsessed with Eric!

Brady to the rescue.
Even Brady’s indulging Melanie. He protected Melanie from big bad Theresa and instead of allowing Mel to go to Seth Burns; he used his pull as a board member to get her nursing job back. Isn’t that sort of unethical? Oh well… Isn’t Anne being head of HR sort of unethical? Melanie had better listen to those around her and watch it around Theresa. We have it on good authority that she’s good with a fire poker. She’s also on Santa’s naughty list.

Oh boo hoo. Why me?
Melanie unleashed on Theresa several times in what appeared to be the same day, even after she was warned not to and agreed to stay far away from Brady’s ex. She pushed and she pushed and then wondered why Theresa attacked her. Who could blame Theresa, even knowing who Theresa is? Then we had to contend with Theresa whining because nobody’s on her side and all these horrible things keep “happening” to her. What a laugh. What a child. Even Anne scoffed at her griping.

“Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” – White Rabbit
Serena’s been in town for less time than Melanie and taking up all of the screen time. We already know more about her than we do about Jordan Ridgeway, Ben whatshisname, or Clyde Weston. They’ve made Serena perpetually late which could either be endearing or annoying. She’s certainly not afraid to go after what she wants. She had no problem dishing out to Anne what Anne usually dishes to others on a regular basis which was confusing. She’s yet another newbie in the already long list of newbs nobody cares about. The powers that be are doing exactly what they did with Jordan, Ben, and Clyde, and focusing on them too much too soon which only succeeds in pissing off the fans.

In the December 12 Deconstructing DOOL I wondered if Eric still had feelings for Nicole. This week he admitted he’s still angry with her. While it’s being written very realistic in how long it’s taking Eric to forgive what Nicole did, it’s also annoying for most viewers who want him to move on. Move on Eric!

The highlight of the week: Jenn Jenn’s comment about Anne wearing the same wrap dress as she always does. It was exceedingly funny yet inappropriate, and deliciously ironic coming from the worst dressed person in Salem!

Getting ‘the real’ story and maybe something on the side?
Zoe and Mr. Price might be at the top of Santa’s naughty list. They’ve no integrity and Will has been shown to have questionable scruples, so it was fitting that they’d ask him to do the expose on Paul. They also must figure that because he’s gay, he can find “the real story” and get Paul to come out. Already we can see this story is moving toward some weird triangle with Will removing his wedding band and locking eyes with unremittingly horny Paul! What if Will cheated on Sonny with Paul and Sonny cheated on Will with Paul? Hehe