Lauren Koslow is following in Arianna Zuker’s (Nicole DiMera) footsteps and starring in a new “Strike.TV” pilot! Arianna starred in Life In General, which was created by Karen Harris, who is one of the writers for General Hospital. Lauren Koslow is going in the same direction as Zuker and starring in “When Actors Need Money.”

In the pilot, Koslow plays actress Marsha Leigh Dixon, who was a big soap star in the past. Since she left the popular soap, “As Time Passes By,” she and her makeup artist husband, Bobby Malloy, have struggled to make ends meet. Dixon is optimistic she can make her comeback by making an album, so enlists music producer, Alan Martin’s assistance. In order to promote this endeavor, and make money, she agrees to perform at a Turkish music festival, though she hasn’t actually sung in public before. Will she make a success of it or will it flop?

Watch the video below, and wait for the second episode, coming soon!

Well, what did you think? Did you like the video? Do you think she can she sing, or is she going to make a fool of herself?

Photo credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC