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Salem Shenanigans from December 1 – 5:

Having no Thanksgiving in Salem apart from the mention of a dinner party at the Kiriakis mansion made viewers worry about what’s to come for Christmas. Ignoring Thanksgiving at the DiMera mansion, Kiriakis mansion, and the Horton homestead meant ignoring a prime opportunity for providing comic relief, opportunity for manipulations, JJ making more weed doughnuts, canoodling with the wrong person, backstabbing, and maybe more baby stealing. Thanksgiving or not, the week was ho-hum. Even with Melanie’s return, the bag full of money, and newbie Serena showing up in Salem, viewers are still complaining that our show is not cutting it.

Gut instincts?
Last week in Deconstructing “DOOL” I talked about how much Melanie kept staring into her bag full ‘o’ money and pondered, no way did she get that through customs. This week we’re over that and wondering how it is that Melanie suddenly knows that the only time lately Chad is nice to someone is when he wants something. She’s been out of Salem for two years and in town for two hours. She saw Chad for about two minutes. Is this her gut instinct talking? If so, it’s a good instinct because not only is he nothing like the original Chad whatsoever, but Stefano confirmed Chad’s using Jordan. Why we don’t know and most don’t care. The recast is still causing quite a commotion because the actor is playing Chad as if he’s more like EJ, not the goofy and likeable original Chad, and the writers seem to have forgotten who Chad really is as well. One year with Stefano, unless Stefano brainwashed him, wouldn’t have made Chad forget the good person he truly is or was. It might have been better for all if they introduced yet another son of Stefano’s to account for the changes or at least had Stefano talking to Rolf about the brainwashing. That’d be classic “Days.”

Red alert! WilSon hasn’t spoken in three days.
Everyone in Salem knows that Will and Sonny had issues connecting by cell phone for three entire days. Oh the humanity. When did everyone become so melodramatic and annoying? Both guys have jobs and other commitments, so it’s not as though this is any surprise. Bo left Salem for an entire year and people made less of a big deal. I’ll concede that Marlena’s call to Will, reminding him of his commitment to Gabi was the right thing to do. As busy as he gets, Marlena’s right. Photos and video updates from Arianna is the only thing keeping Gabi going in prison. Some viewers are feeling a little crabby about Will this week for the way he has been treating Gabi and that nasty phone call he had with Sonny. I think some might have not so secretly wished someone smacked him upside the head for being a wanker. Understandable but he did seem quite harried. It’s easy to get perturbed when you feel the walls closing in with pressure from all sides. As for the time difference, it’s only a few hours. One of my best friends moved to Germany this summer for a year and we talked more this weekend than Will and Sonny have spoken this month! Of course the only reason behind this forced storyline is that one or both are cheating. We already know Sonny did. What about Will?

When Lucas and Adrienne were gossiping about their sons not communicating, it occurred to me that Adrienne’s lonely and Lucas is single…not that I want Justin hurt but the seed felt planted.

Even though after all this time most don’t feel one way or another about Eve, I had to hand it to her. She is good at using any situation to her benefit. Acting as though her father is deathly ill just to get Paige away from JJ was pretty good.

Trivia: The actors who portray Shane and Eve are 6 years apart in real life.