Troubling memories.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1983 when “Days of our Lives'” Trista Evans’ past followed her to town…

Melanie Layton just returned to Salem and unknown people are trying to find her. Back then, Marlena Evans’ cousin, Trista, came to town and an unknown person was stalking her. It came out that Trista had witnessed her own mother’s murder at the hands of a woman competing for her father’s affections, when Trista remembered where she had hid the murder weapon as a child. During the time that the memories were coming back to her, Trista began a romance with Eugene Bradford. At one point, the man following her tied her up and beat Eugene while ransacking her room. Once the truth about the murder came out, Trista and Eugene went to Haiti to investigate the Bradford Curse and married there.

After their return to Salem, Trista was tragically murdered by the Salem Slasher. Do you remember what was found beside her body? Vote in our “Days” poll: