Credit: Molly Burnett (Mitchell Haaseth)

Molly Burnett has been playing Max’s long lost misunderstood sister Melanie Layton since last July and has made quite the impression on the denizens of Salem, as well as fans of Days of Our Lives. I recently had the chance to chat with Molly and found that aside from her frequent giggle, she couldn’t be more different from her often manipulative and not always so nice character.

Not only did we talk on the phone, but after having a bit of technical difficulties on my end, Molly was nice enough to immediately answer my questions a second time via email. I don’t exactly see Melanie being quite as accommodating!

During both interview sessions, Molly gave me some pretty interesting insight into her character, as well as a fun tease as to what’s to come for Melanie! You’ve been playing Melanie for almost a year now and she’s still not exactly the most popular person in Salem. Do you feel like you understand her and what her motivations are?

Molly Burnett: It just so doesn’t feel like a year!! The thing with Melanie is, she’s impulsive. She’s a little selfish and may like money a little bit more than your average teenage girl, but she means well and deep down she’s a genuinely good person. She’s one of those people that will come through for you at the last second and I really think Brady and Maggie and Max bring that out in her. They seem to be softening her up a bit with her befriending Brady, seemingly with no ulterior motives, and tending to Stephanie after Philip was shot. Are we going to be seeing more of this kinder gentler Melanie?

Molly: Like I said, as Melanie gets into the swing of things in Salem, Brady, Maggie and Max are going to bring out the best in her. She’s trying to be a better person, but no one is perfect, she’s still a little spitfire. As far as Philip and Stephanie are concerned, Melanie is in love with Philip, so as much as it kills her to see him with Stephanie, she ultimately wants to see him happy…but maybe she’s hoping this good side to her will make Philip see her in a new light…