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Salem Shenanigans from October 27 – 31:

Happy Halloween!

It’s been a week of goodbyes in Salem. Sami and her children, including Will bade auf Wiedersehen to family and then left for Hollywood, Jennifer went to care for her mother for a few weeks, and Kristen said goodbye to Daniel, though she’s here another week. With Sami leaving Salem, we’re sure to see a different show ahead of us and as hard as it is to lose a vet, it’s still an exciting prospect. On with the blog.

Mrs. Robinson.
JJ and Eve shared an electric moment… or whatever when he was massaging her wrist after her fall. Flash forward three minutes and JJ and Paige went on a break because she doesn’t trust her boyfriend. If we flash forward a few more days, we might see Eve and JJ in bed together. You know how things always happen when a couple is on a break. Ross and Rachel from “Friends” remember it well. What would you think if this happened? Weigh in on this week’s Days Poll: Eve and JJ in bed?

Another bloody break-up?
Really? Did we really need yet another round of Dannifer arguing over their non-existent relationship that they ended again in June? We thought these two were long since over. There was no mention of them since September 23 when they discussed going to get coffee. It’s now over a month since the writers have written for these two so what is the point of having another break-up? It’s only causing fans to loathe Jennifer and nobody actually enjoys that. She’s not even written as a character you’re supposed to love to hate. She’s become so hypercritical, so self-righteous. She can’t even see when she’s wrong. And now she’s smoking crack, thinking the only place JJ and Paige can have sex is at Daniel’s apartment. Not a hospital supply closet, TBD’s supply closet, a car, the park, a boat, a boathouse, Horton cabin, under a bridge, in a Salem U dorm room, in the woods… the list goes on. Wake up Jenn Jenn! Thankfully she’s going away for two weeks to be with her mother. When she returns, we hope she does so as the Jennifer we once knew. If she isn’t, we’re sicking Julie on her.

While you were gone…
While HRH Jenn was gone, Kristen and Daniel finally used all of that pent up hostility and wound up in bed. Just like many wanted. It was hot but went sour pretty fast when Brady found them together and they decided they had no business doing each other. What a letdown. Matt (of SOF Matt’s Musings) was hoping that Kristen would use his DNA and clone Dr. Dan.