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These are the “DAYS” of my week for April 20-24:

I’m changing format this week just to point out what interested me or what I wanted to rant about.

This week focused mostly on the wedding and the shooting. Though the show was fast paced and the twists were good, I was a little tired of seeing the same faces. I found myself wanting to see another set of characters which in turn, made me miss a few old characters. I know balance isn’t easy when there are a few writers writing the script. This week seemed to really get it together though, in other areas and I give credit where credit is due. I was shocked that EJ and Nicole actually married. (Some things are even kept from the reporters!) All those interruptions drove me mad and we went deep into the DiMera family, who are coming out more these days like they are from Port Charles, where the Mafia storylines usually come from! Though I’m not sure how I feel about the change to the family, I can’t help thinking it would be neat if there was a cross over storyline with General Hospital. I suppose I’m more used to Stefano brainwashing, rather than all out putting a hit on somebody! I’m curious about your thoughts on this change to the family.

I still want to see Daniel and Chloe and Rafe’s characters given more attention and I’d like to see the vets much more often. Bo and Hope weren’t seen at all this week. It’s difficult to stay invested in them when you rarely see them. It was nice to see Roman for a scene with Sami, and I do like the blood feud.

I read a Soap Opera Digest interview with Steve Nichols and Mary Beth Evans (Steve and Kayla) that was very telling. A few quotes:

SOD mentioned that there was no official exit scene for Stayla. (Most can agree that it was disrespectful to the characters and fans.)

Steve Nichols says, “…that is indicative of a writer who really does not want to write anything for you and a “cut-and-run” attitude that prevails. When they decide they are done with you, they don’t bother to give the characters the respect of resolving story. Early on, a producer told Mary Beth and me that there would be no more second takes for acting. One day, I stood in the booth soon after that and watched two actors in a highly emotional scene do five takes because the producer thought he saw a boom shadow, which no one could identify. Five takes for a phantom boom shadow! If the acting had been off, they would have moved on. Another actor reported that this same producer had told him that he did not care so much about the acting and that the audience would understand enough about the story by simply hearing the words. Can you imagine? Yet the crew and any actor who cared about what they were doing felt a renewed energy and expressed that to us both. It turned out to be an uphill battle all the way.”

Can you believe that? I care about the acting! We all care about the acting. If the acting isn’t good, people aren’t going to invest in an hour of their time, daily, to watch. I’ve issues with any soap actors who can’t emote. It hinders the believability in the scenes.