Meet Eric Martsolf!

Guess who is a native of Harrisburg, PA and who will be there Friday May 1 2009?

Fans can see Eric Martsolf, (Brady Black, DOOL) at the Pennsylvania Women’s Show, May 1 at noon, at the Farm Show Complex.

From May 1–3, the women of Harrisburg and the surrounding area will be pampered at this show, where in addition to seeing soap star Martsolf, they’ll also have a chance to see other celebrities such as Jon and Kate Gosslin from the reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, check out the Market Faire, and its quality art, crafts, beauty, cooking and fashion vendors, etc. Take in a seminar or demonstration and more!
You’ll find Eric Friday May 1 at noon on the Style Stage. For more information such as directions to the show or to find out more details about the show, please visit this link.