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Paternity bombshell.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1976 when “Days of our Lives'” Mickey Horton learned that Michael Horton was not his son…

Currently, Clyde Weston is threatening to spill a family secret in Salem, but back then it was the Horton family who were affected when long hidden truths became known. In 1968, Mickey’s wife Laura Horton was raped by his brother, Bill Horton. Laura confided in her father-in-law, Dr. Tom Horton, and the pair agreed that Mickey should never know what took place. As a result of the rape, Laura conceived Michael. Tom and Laura also knew that Mickey was sterile, and kept that secret from him as well as that of Michael’s true paternity. It wasn’t until 1976, after Mickey was injured in a farm accident, that he learned he was sterile and that his brother Bill had actually fathered his son.

Mickey acquired a gun and planned to kill Bill, however they ended up struggling over the weapon and Bill was shot. Do you remember where he was hit? Vote in our “Days” poll below: