A grandmother’s love.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1998 when “Days of our Lives'” Lucas Roberts moved in with Alice Horton in Salem…

This week in Salem, Sami Brady shares a close moment with her grandmother, Caroline Brady, which put us in mind of the special relationship Alice Horton shared with her grandchildren, including Lucas Roberts. Back in 1994, Alice lost her husband Tom Horton when he died in his sleep. After his passing, she focused on running the Horton Foundation and being there for her family. In 1998, Alice’s grandson Lucas, a recovering alcoholic, needed support and moved in with her. The courts had ordered Lucas to live with his grandmother after he had been driving while under the influence. Lucas eventually moved out, but Alice’s house wasn’t empty for long as another grandchild came to live with her for a brief stay.

Do you remember who moved in with Alice for a time after Lucas left? Please post your answer from the selections below in the comment section. (Soaps.com is using this format temporarily while between poll providers.)

The grandchild that moved in after Lucas was:

– Sandy
– Jennifer
– Melissa
– Steven
– Sarah
– Hope