Credit: She's back! (NBC Universal Inc.)

Salem Shenanigans from September 22 – 26:

There’s a lot to be said this week so let’s get right to it!

The recast.
It’s been less than a year since we’ve seen Chad in Salem now that he’s back in the form of Billy Flynn, we’re seeing a whole new side to this character. Thanks to months spent with Stefano, Chad is no longer the goofy, good time guy. He appears more uptight and bent on revenge. On whom we’re not sure, considering he’s telling Stefano one thing and Kate another. In Billy Flynn’s interview he told us, “Stefano has definitely prepared him but I wouldn’t say Chad is being pulled by anybody anymore.” We’ve already seen he has an agenda even Stefano doesn’t know about. It’ll be interesting to learn whose side he’s really on and what he does about his feelings for Abigail and his interest in vulnerable Jordan.

On a side note, have you noticed all the men of Salem with exception of Lucas are somewhat uptight? The aftermath of the basketball game aside, the only other time the men are fun is when they’re either drunk or high.

The jealous boys.
Admission: When Chad and Ben are in the same scene, I sometimes mix up their names because they appear so similar in looks, they’re both into Abigail, they’re jealous and can be twits. They’ve been acting like little school girls, both of them. To top it off, Ben and Abby are close enough to discuss wanting to get naked together but he doesn’t even trust her enough to be honest about whose stash of cash he had. So secretive. He must love the drama and of course Abigail never sees those ginormous red flags waving right in her face. It doesn’t bode well for the future of their relationship.

They must not watch “Days.”
How strange was it that Nicole was the only person in Salem who trusted that Stefano wouldn’t give Daniel a drug that wasn’t going to wake John up?

The messed up mother…
Eve should admit defeat over the JJ and Jill photo scandal that didn’t pan out, stop ruining her kid’s life and get one of her own. Too much time on your hands can make you a bit nutty. Case in point.

The basketcase.
Theresa was understandably a basket case all week, knowing at any moment John could wake up and remember that she was the one who hit him with the poker. The build-up was intense as everyone waited to see if John would wake up and what he’d recall, which so far is nothing. It appears he has retrograde amnesia just like Brady-obsessed Theresa was hoping for and unless John can turn his head 180 degrees, there’s no way he saw Theresa’s hand reaching for the poker so why would he have dreamed that?! Ridiculous.

The Hypersensitive.
Jenn was wound up tighter than that bun on her head when she confronted Daniel about keeping her adult son JJ’s secret. JJ might need to move to the dorms soon where mamma’s apron strings can’t reach him so easily.

The unlikeliest of pairings.
Kristen and Daniel have so much chemistry that it’s almost a shame nothing will become of it. They’re so hot! Even hotter possibly because she’s such a live wire and a lunatic and he’s such a hater. It makes for some easy and entertaining scenes.

The femme fatale.
Abigail always treats EJ like scum when he’s being civil to her. Maybe she does so because she hates herself for what she did with him and he poses as a reminder at every turn of her mistake but it’s not any less exasperating.

The dumpee.
Hope told Caroline she was divorcing Bo in a poignant scene which had Caroline questioning that after two years, “Why now?” She later learned it was because of Aiden. Sort of. Ouch. Divorce is painful not just for the couple but the families of both. Of course Caroline can’t get behind Hope dating Aiden right now but at some point she’ll probably understand that what Hope was going through wasn’t healthy for her. That or she’ll forget. Not to be facetious, but it’s possible.