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These are the “Days” of my week from April 13-17:

Lots of flashing back this week and some great scenes. This week we geared up to the Ecole wedding that I for one, thought wasn’t going to happen!

Ecole Wedding: Nicole received something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new from her family, who we haven’t heard from in years. It would have been better for me if Fay and Brandon would have called. Nicole’s bracelet from Chloe broke and she saw that as an omen for bad things to come. They did. All those interruptions during the wedding were annoying. The wedding dragged on, like any Catholic wedding does and Lexi’s scripture read was off the wall (you’ll hear it Monday). Did anyone notice EJ’s facial expressions when marrying Nicole? He grimaced, mostly, while Stefano waited for word on Philip’s shooting, from his goon. Not exactly a fairy-tale wedding. Mia and Dr. Baker and Brady all made appearances, much to EJ’s dismay and next week, Sami, too, will interrupt. (Desperate wench, get a J O B.)

Brady/Nicole/Melanie: (Spoilers in this paragraph.) Melanie unselfishly advised Brady to come clean with his feelings for Nicole, this week, but then next week we’ll find she’ll feel guilty about it, when Brady is found beaten. These two made out, twice this week. She’s attracted to him and generally looking for an ounce of love or friendship, but he’s just vulnerable and in love with Nicole, so we know this isn’t going anywhere. I do like Brady with Nicole. Sparks flew during a few of their conversations at the pier and at the cabin and they almost kissed a few times. Melanie’s scenes were entertaining and I find myself wondering where she’ll fit in once Max and Chelsea are gone. There’s nobody her age, anymore, aside from Stephanie, and it’s not like they’re best buds! Incidentally, look for a Molly Burnett interview on, soon, all you Mel fans!

Rafe/Sami: This week Rafe and Sami had another tiff and he left her. I see a pattern, but I can understand how he feels, considering he cares about Sami and is worried she’s still in love with EJ. Run, Rafe! Rafe, a guy who wants to get out of Sami’s life, returned her St. Anne medallion, in person. Made me roll my eyes. If he really wanted out of her life, he’d have sent it by mail. We know he’ll be back! Sami told Lucas the truth about Grace’s paternity and he assumed she was still in love with EJ, and that’s why she wanted to tell him before he married Nicole. Sure, could be true, though I do think she cares a lot for Rafe. Still, she may just not want Nicole to marry EJ, because she hates her. Who can tell? Who the hell cares? Sami should stop focusing on her lies and other people’s marriages and start focusing on her own horrible life and making money. I’m starting to think of her the way I do Octomom.