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Salem Shenanigans from September 8 – 12:

The week progressed slower than what many would have liked. It felt as though John’s coma was rubbing off on the other Salemites but then in a fantastic twist snuck up on us Friday for the biggest cliffhanger we’ve seen in months. Let’s hope Chad’s return and Kristen’s shocking revelation help jumpstart our show.

Lucas needs more airtime.
It’s absolutely disgusting that “Days” used a vet, Lucas Horton, to prop Jordan and Rafe. He should be front and center, not Jordan, a relatively new player and her man troubles. The show is almost unrecognizable at times with all the newbies getting too much airtime. Imagine what’ll happen once EJ and Sami leave?

EJ’s plan to protect Sami cinched their reconciliation. It was obvious to Kate and Sami that EJ was behind Rafe being able to put Stefano behind bars once he arrives in Salem but surprising that none of them thought that the man with a finger on the pulse of Salem could possibly figure out EJ screwed him over let alone strike out at them from afar! Duh? I digress. After weeks of bitterness, Sami finally was able to tell EJ how finding out about his betrayal made her feel, and was able to allow him to comfort her as she cried in his arms. When he told her his heart has been hers since the first time he saw her, I waited for the flashback that never came. What a rip off. That flashback would have made the scene. Anyway, looks like these guys will make it before they vacate Salem but are all of the Ejamis’ still watching to care?

On a side note, are the DiMera kids so elite they’re allowed to miss the first few days of school?!

The mean step-sister.
Ciara is scary. She’s been busting her hump to be the next mean step-sister in the Cinderella play. She wasn’t even insulted when Chase told her it was in the bag. It’s both frightening and promising that she’s already so twisted!

Big story coming.
Last week in Deconstructing “DOOL” I said, From everything we’re hearing about Clyde, EJ might actually have a worthwhile adversary in Clyde. Some disagreed and understandably so because he’s so backwoods and small time but he was brought into Salem to tie in with James Scott’s exit which comes in October sometime so it fits that Clyde could be EJ’s downfall or perhaps EJ’s “downfall,” meaning if he doesn’t really die, he fakes his own death. Just a thought.

Will’s so desperate for work, he’s considering working for Zoe at her new gig at Sonix. Yeah. Good luck with that. At least his relationship with his mother seems to be getting back on track at a nice quick pace.

The day time stood still.
It was so important that Dan and Kayla inject John with this experimental drug swiftly that instead of having Brady meet them at the hospital to discuss it before quickly injecting John, they dragged Brady across town to Daniel’s apartment and gabbed for eons with him, and then his step-mamma Marlena, until finally at the end of the episode they moved to the hospital and then, after long minutes of repeating, “We’re ready to inject John now,” injected John with the drug. Blergh!

At least Marlena and Kristen had a decent go at each other before that lunacy happened. Each gave as good as the other but one wonders why Marlena even lets her archenemy talk to her at all. Only on soaps!