Coming home.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1983 when “Days of our Lives'” Mickey Horton returned to Salem…

Chad DiMera returns to Salem this week after time spent with his father, Stefano DiMera, but back then it was Mickey Horton who returned to town after escaping from Stefano, who had held him captive on DiMera Island and made it look like he’d died. Mickey came back in time to hear his wife, Maggie, and Don Craig declare their love for one another. Mickey had a heart attack and later, he and Maggie divorced.

Maggie realized that the divorce was a mistake and she and Mickey rekindled their love while she nursed him back to health at her place after he was shot during a gang rumble. Eventually, Mickey remarried Maggie in a double wedding. Do you remember the other couple in the double wedding was? Vote in our “Days” poll: