In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1993 when “Days of our Lives'” Vivian Alamain set up her nemesis, Carly Manning…

Rivals Nicole Walker and Sami Brady had a run-in this week in Salem, but back then it was Vivian and Carly butting heads. Their rivalry was exceptionally bitter, as Carly and Lawrence Alamain blamed Vivian for leading them to believe their son, Nikki, had died at birth. Vivian, who had ‘adopted’ Nikki, panicked when Carly and her son began bonding and tried to run off with him. When that didn’t work, Vivian, having been diagnosed with a fatal heart disease, decided that the way to keep Nikki from Carly would be to frame her rival for her murder.

Vivian executed her plan one night at the Penthouse Grill. Do you remember what she made it look like Carly did to her? Vote in our “Days” poll: