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Salem Shenanigans from August 25 – 29:

A little romance played out this week in the midst of the blackmail and revenge plots. The misogynistic names reared their ugly heads with more than one player, and the pace was still rather slow.

Oh so hokey!
Aiden was a little hokey this week with Hopey. The scene of him rubbing her leg should have been sexy and had us wanting more but the clumsy dialogue made things awkward. This is twice now which doesn’t bode well considering these two are obviously going to be put together.

We seem to have come to a climax with the adultery storyline when Abigail slapped Sami across the face and fought back with a little blackmail of her own. Matt of Matt’s Musings said, “I saw the Sami-Abby brawl and it was pretty weak. Abs should have pumped some iron with her mom before heading over.” Yep. It was as weak as the Nicole and Kristen “confrontation” last week. But it did work in putting an end to Sami going after Abigail. I think. It’ll give Sami a chance to focus on her feelings and EJ and whether or not she wants to be with him instead of focusing on the other woman, which kept her right back in the moment she learned of EJ’s betrayal. Good way to move the story forward. Most romantic line of the week goes to EJ, “I would like to earn the right to hold your hand.” Things look as though they’ve thawed in their relationship, unless this is part of her plan.

Glorified barista.
Though it wasn’t written into the actual show so the viewers could catch on as to how Will was actually feeling, we can now see that he has always felt insecure and envious of Sonny’s confidence and self-assuredness. We only know this because he lashed out at Sonny, calling him a glorified barista, when he learned he only got the job at True Vista because of Victor and Sonny. He’s been acting like Sami. In last week’s Deconstructing “DOOL” I said, It’s pretty bad when even EJ DiMera of all people calls you a snake. This week Will was petulant and jealous. It’s not a good look for him. My first reaction to his outburst was to think of him as an ungrateful little pissant but this is his own insecurity coming out and I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to be a jackarse. I’m not a fan of not knowing how the character feels. How can we invest or find the story believable unless we know exactly how each of them is feeling?

Some are saying Will was used but that’s business and Will was a commodity to True Vista. That’s real life. Abigail sure let him have it by shaming him and reminding him she stood up for him at his wedding, yet he screwed her over for a mere three grand. Shameful. Even if Sami didn’t give True Vista Abigail’s name, Will did in other ways. It was unforgiveable. At least he had Tad to talk to about the mess.

Maggie was quick to forgive Victor. And truly, it was hard to fault her for it. Their scene was sweet and loving and just what we needed to see after weeks of misery.

Was that Julie?
Julie returned from a yoga cruise with her inner eye opened and suddenly she’s no longer a hypocrite. I like it. It works. It’s good to have her back and not the pesky meddlesome witch that nobody liked. What a great scene with her and Kate and then surprising EJ with no lecture.

Paige’s daddy.
We’re back on wondering who Paige’s dad is. Do we rule out Jack because if it was, Eve would have gone after his estate for even more money? Could it be Frankie? Wouldn’t JJ know what Frankie looks like from Jenn’s yearbook? Or was it Mr. Larson? Or maybe Paige just thinks it’s Mr. Larson but it really is Frankie. Or…maybe it’s somebody else. Maybe somebody in Salem. Vote to let Soaps.com know who Paige’s daddy is!