We haven’t seen Deidre Hall portraying Dr. Marlena Evans in a few months, on DOOL, and she has been missed. Many of you have wondered what the actress is up to next. Soaps.com has learned that Ms. Hall will be guest hosting Air America’s “Hollywood Clout”, this week.

The guests confirmed to be on the show this week include Rory Freedman (author of “Skinny Bitch”), relationship expert Alison Armstrong, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Holistic doctor Paul Campbell and some of Deidre’s soap friends from Days of Our Lives. No word yet on who from the soap will be speaking with Deidre, however, considering Deidre started her entertainment career as a DJ in Florida, and has co-hosted “Hollywood Clout” a few times this past year, we know it’ll be a successful week.

“Hollywood Clout” is a national radio show
dedicated to “Pollywood,” combining Hollywood celebrities and political, environmental and social issues and activism. It can be heard online at Air America or live on terrestrial radio in Chicago, Detroit,
Santa Barbara, Spokane and other cities, in Los Angeles (KTLK1150
AM at 9 PM Pacific) and New York (WWRL1600 AM at 4 AM Eastern).