Tables are turned. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Salem Shenanigans from July 28 – August 1:

This week Kristen returned, vengeance was Sami’s, and Eric suffered the uh… pain and agony of being sexually attracted to Nicole…

Kristen’s return.
Kristen has been busy stalking Daniel. With her DiMera money and clout, she had her contractor renovate the sixth floor of some hotel in St. Louis in order to sound proof it and perhaps faked a medical conference in St. Louis in order to lure Daniel in. She returned with a few zingers, a hatred of “that barnacle that attached herself to Brady” and some AI software… She had all of the elements for an explosive return but somehow it fell a little flat. So far. Who knows what she’s expecting to happen once she speaks with Brady. There’s a lot of speculation going around that she might be pregnant because Daniel brought up how good she is with children but she looks pretty svelte for someone who would be maybe 8 months along. Could she have gone through with the adoption she and Brady were planning? The bigger question: Daniel turned the tables on Kristen but can he keep it together long enough to bring her into SPD?

Princessrose17 from forums mentioned something on our minds: “Does anyone else notice that when Daniel is talking to Parker on the phone he talks to him like he is talking to an older child? It’s not like how he talks to the little boy who plays Parker when they are shown together.” Yes. Sometimes I wonder if he’s speaking with Chloe until he says, “Goodbye, Parker.” Bizarre.

Coma story.
We waited for Brady to ask Marlena to hypnotize him while they were hovering over John’s comatose body at the hospital but it never happened. Poor Roman always gets the shaft. He hung around being supportive all week, knowing if John survives it’s likely Marlena will run back into his arms.

The never-ending revenge.
Sami took her revenge to a pretty dark place this week when she blackmailed her own flesh and blood, Aunt “don’t ever call me that again” Kayla to force Abigail to resign for having sex with a board member. It’s legit, too. How scandalous. Even a DiMera doesn’t often go this far but it was almost too easy for Sami. Last week in Deconsdtructing DOOL I said Sami had gone way beyond pissed and entered psycho mode a long time ago. If there’s a ‘beyond psycho mode’ Sami’s in it. But this time Abigail fought back. Their scene was the highlight of the week and right after, EJ finally stepped up and put Sami on notice. If she keeps up the vendetta he’s going to retaliate. How it’s difficult to say because she has all of the evidence against her.

A few highlights:

Anne Milbauer’s meeting with Sami.

Kate admitting her weakness for Rafe to EJ, who could use that against her.

Sami burning every bridge in Salem and telling Jordan that Rafe cheated with Kate.

Victor offering EJ a job consulting on the DiMera companies he bought without his knowledge.

Weigh in. Days Poll: Sami’s blackmail of Kayla.

Everyone makes mistakes.
It makes sense that Sonny and William are hurting over EJ’s betrayal of Sami with Abigail, but to put the entire blame on EJ is ridiculous. Sonny sounded very naïve when he said, “If you really cared about us you’d never have cheated.” Really? Is Sonny really that self-possessed? Maybe after Sonny and Will calm down, they’ll realize EJ didn’t cheat on them, and that this has nothing to do with them.