Credit: The light seems to have faded.

These are the “Days” of my week from April 6-10:

Two weeks ago, the theme of the week was “Disowned,” and this week it was “Walking out!” EJ walked out on Nicole twice, Rafe walked out on Sami once (almost twice) and Steph forced Philly to walk out on her!

Guiding Light was canceled April 1st, causing us all to take a look at the soaps as a genre, especially those not doing well. Just watching the shows to keep it going isn’t enough. I also think the onus is on the writers to start digging deeper into those characters and giving us much more interesting storylines. This show is going to be all about the newbies within the next few months, which concerns me. Change in soaps is scary for soap fans and one of the best ways to ditch your own soap is to get rid of the vets that everyone adores and bring in characters we don’t care about. I fear for the genre as a whole, not just because it’s been around for eons and it would be sad to see it go, but because people would be out of work, including myself! (Yeah, it’s all about me. It would be all about you if you worked in this industry, too!)

I learned something, just for you. A few weeks ago I had a question regarding the set usage, and I learned the reason why the sets are recycled on certain days is because it takes time and of course money, to knock down a set and rebuild it, and due to lack of studio space, they try to get as much use out of them as they can. Makes perfect sense! When I went on my Y&R set visit, only a few sets were up, and there were a few that I didn’t even recognize – The Athletic Club was one. I guess the small size of it didn’t help with recognition!

Onward to my thoughts of the week…

Max/Chelsea We see less and less of Max and I just found out that he’s leaving the show in May. His movie got picked up. Have you guys noticed that something is ‘off’ about Chelsea lately? It’s like she’s already gone. The light is out in her eyes and she seems depressed or indifferent.

Poll I polled “Is EJ right about Nicole betraying the code?” and at the time of writing this, 70% said, “No, she did the right thing.” I was a little concerned that there were 6% who actually said they thought Nicole should do whatever EJ wanted. Please tell me you were joking. She needs to do what is right, regardless of “the code.”

Dr. Baker returned Monday, much to my chagrin. He’s so scummy! His and Nic’s scenes make me feel as though I need a shower, though I really liked his chat with sweet Mia at Java Café.

Mia/Will The bonding she felt with Grace was classic soap that made me feel as though the writers were smoking crack. Okay, that’s harsh, but I dislike those storylines. I’d prefer her to have no clue at all and be shocked out of her mind, when it comes out! Mia and Will are becoming more comfortable with each other. Are they the new Belle and Shawn? Mill? Wia?

Stefano cries? I told my husband this today that Stefano cried and he said, “What? Yeah, right! Stefano would never cry. Are you kidding me?” Exactly. Is he getting older? Softer? To me, Stefano would never cry. He’s got no heart and that’s why I like him. Not my favourite moment of the year, but at least Stefano turned his tears into revenge, as Stefano should! He’s in denial and playing the blame game in order to keep his sanity. If he didn’t have Philly as a scapegoat, he’d have to face up to the facts that he’s partially to blame, along with Tony, Philly and Mel. Course, it was just an accident, and revenge isn’t going to bring him back. What are your thoughts on this sudden mobsteresque storyline? Stefano was never a mobster. If I wanted to watch Mafioso storylines I’d watch General Hospital. EJ’s becoming more hateful as the weeks progress, too, and it’s a complete turn off to me, as a feminist woman. Though I like him very dark, I miss the charm that used to go with it. Did you laugh at how nuts he went at the pier? I have an interesting sense of humour, so found that pier scene amusing. If I were Chelsea, Max would have had to hold me back from smacking a good one across his smug face. (James is a good actor!)