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Salem Shenanigans from July 21 – 25:

We saw some good solid drama this week in Salem. Without further ado… the blog.

Abigail’s cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard.
Many fans just like Will are calling Sami out for being a hypocrite because she cheated on Rafe with EJ so this makes her as bad as EJ for cheating on her with Abigail. What do you think? Days Poll: Is Sami being a hypocrite? Perhaps she is a little hypocritical but it doesn’t make it any better and doesn’t make it feel any less painful for her. Even if Sami cheated on Rafe 394 times, it still doesn’t make EJ cheating on her once, twice, or three times (yeah nobody remembers that hospital closet scene) easier! She’s still entitled to be pissed though she’s gone way beyond pissed and entered psycho mode a long time ago. Her talk with Caroline was the highlight of the week. It’s always great seeing Caroline impart wisdom with anyone but especially considering she was once in EJ’s shoes. It had Sami softening toward EJ until Johnny interrupted the moment to talk about how much daddy loved Abigail’s “cupcakes.” Ouch. It sent Sami back into psycho-mode. It was pretty riveting overall.

I’m unclear on a few things: Sami called cheating on Rafe completely different than what EJ did to her with Abby. The motives were different but the outcome was the same. As well, Sami seemed almost gleeful that Rafe cheated on Jordan with Kate, which is highly unusual for someone who is still smarting from having her fiancé cheat on her. It made no sense. Lastly, why is nobody in Salem disgusted with Abigail for being a home wrecker? Not even Sami’s own son is on her side! Will and Sami’s fight scene was fantastic. Everything that many fans wanted to say, Will said for them, but he was also completely disrespectful and callous about Sami’s betrayal. The fight really showcased Guy Wilson’s and of course Ali Sweeney’s acting chops and that slap? Ouch!

SPD strikes again.
Abe started feeding Theresa forensic details on the case and in turn, she changed her story according to whatever evidence was given. Wow. Just wow. I know the Salem Police Department generally has issues knowing their heads from a hole in the ground but Abe really blew it this time. They’ll have to get Rafe on the case. It’s plain to see by the evidence gathered that Brady couldn’t have possibly hit John as Theresa said but we’ll see if they ignore the evidence as usual. At least Victor and Daniel know what Theresa’s about. Maybe one of them will out her. I can’t figure out how Theresa will get out of this. If John wakes up, she’s done. If John dies, she may keep her secret unless, as I suggested last week in Deconstructing DOOL, Victor has cameras installed in his living room.

It’s rather soon after Rafe came out of his own coma for John to be in one. Some viewers felt the show didn’t know what to do with John so they did this. I’m not sure it’s that cut and dry. Maybe there are behind-the-scenes extenuating circumstances for him to be off canvas or maybe it’s just part of the story to come which will get Brady back on track with fighting his demons and winning, of course, after we watch him go through some heartache. Maggie and Brady’s scene at John’s bedside was touching. It’s good to see Brady finally not tempted by drugs or alcohol… or Theresa! Something tells me Eve’s going to find out her secret and blackmail her into… something or other.