We haven’t caught up with former Days of Our Lives actress Eileen Galindo, who played Beverly Healy from 2006 to 2007, for a while now, but we are happy to bring our readers some news about Eileen’s recent goings-on!

Eileen will be directing the From The Ground Up Theatre Company’s production of “The Real American Dream,” based on the lives and occupations of American citizens and whether or not they are working their dream jobs. During the show, viewers will watch how one sets a dream and how it unfolds, or doesn’t, during their lifetime. To make sure the production is as close to real-life as possible, interviews will be conducted within the company based on what members, as well as their families, have experienced in their lives.

Soaps.com wants to send Eileen our very best for her latest project! Fans can expect “The Real American Dream” to hit theaters in the summer and fall of this year!

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