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Salem Shenanigans from July 7 – 11 :

Wow what a week, fraught with scheming and revenge and even a little budding romance. Good times.

Double trouble.
It didn’t take long for Theresa and Eve (Teve) to team up after bonding over their hatred of Jenny Prissy-pants and Dr. God. Last week while I was on holiday Dustin Cushman deconstructed DOOL. He summed Eve and Theresa’s union up perfectly by saying, “If the show wants the viewers to give this recast of Eve a chance then pairing her up with Theresa is the wrong way to go.” The writers need to give fans a reason to care about these two because just loathing a character doesn’t make people want to tune in even when the actresses are amazing.

I’m assuming that this lawsuit of Eve’s is just a scam to get moola from Jenny Prissy-pants but if not then she is entitled to half but taking money from vets leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth. Guess not hers! It was good at least to see Eve and JJ come to some understanding. It’d be a shame for Paige and JJ to have their budding relationship cut short over this lawsuit.

Theresa and Brady got married in Vegas which doesn’t bode well for poor Brady who is now even deeper in her clutches. Interesting twist.

Ejami wedding and aftermath.
I don’t even know what to say about the wedding. There were mixed feelings about Sami’s wedding gown which was an unusual choice and more suited for the gala. The grey colour reflected her mood well but what was with the hair extensions and necklaces hanging in her hair? Did you find it um…peculiar that nobody seemed to notice the nasty snarling looks that flashed across her face over and over?! Fast-forwarding to this week…I want to keep an open mind about Sami’s revenge since there’s more story to tell but who marries a man out of revenge especially with their children to witness it? It just makes me feel sad for the lot of them. If the kids ever find out why she married EJ, they’ll be scarred for life just like she was when she witnessed her mother banging John in the board room three hundred years ago. Sami also screwed around on Rafe so while this whole revenge plotline is deliciously fun because of Sami and Kate’s fantastic chemistry; it also feels a little hypocritical. But fun. More fun than anything. Viewers are having a hard time believing that Kate and Sami are going to get away with taking over DiMera Enterprises for 6 months without Stefano stepping in. Sami’s confrontation with EJ and Abigail was brilliant. It made me wonder why the writers chose to write that fake confrontation when this one is so much better. But what comes next? When all is said and done, Sami’s revenge is taken and EJ and Abigail are humiliated amongst other things, will Samanther really be happy? Without EJ? Money and power don’t keep your bed warm at night. I can’t help but think after Sami has stripped EJ of everything she’ll still be hurt and still in love. Is she hurting herself here? Maybe there will be room for forgiveness at some point. We’ll see.

The big questions: Do EJ and Stefano know what’s going on? Does Stefano at least? Because Sami and EJ haven’t consummated their marriage, couldn’t EJ annul it? Couldn’t he get word to the board… I don’t know. It just seems to me there is a loophole that EJ and Stefano could use to get out of this situation.

Nitpicking: Isn’t it a little old fashioned in this day that Stefano couldn’t have done a video conference instead of forgoing the meeting? I mean worst case scenario he could have gone on Google Hangouts. Duh! And what’s the arrest warrant out on Stefano for? It’s a bit confusing.

The gala.
My expectations were pretty big. I have no idea why but I assumed most Salemites would be in attendance. Maybe there’s more coming Monday but I’m doubtful. I suppose this really was a way to further Hope and Aiden’s story which worked really well. I’m looking forward to more and to learning more about Aiden’s wife. What are your thoughts on these two?