Corporate espionage.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 2011 when “Days of our Lives'” Sami Brady plotted against Kate Roberts…

Sami and Kate are currently working together in Salem to betray the DiMeras, but it’s no surprise they have trust issues. Back then, Sami was working for her old friend Madison James at Mad World Cosmetics and they came up with a plan to take down their competitor, Countess Wilhelmina, which was headed by Kate. Sami and Madison staged several arguments that took place in front of Kate, to make her believe she could hire Sami away from Mad World. The plot worked, and before long Sami was giving Kate suggestions for Countess Wilhelmina’s product line that she knew would be inferior to those offered by Mad World. All went smoothly until Brady Black, who was dating Madison, found out and convinced her that Sami was in danger. Madison ordered a stop to the plan. As a result, Sami quit Mad World and decided to focus on her job at Countess Wilhelmina with genuine dedication.

Unfortunately, Kate confronted Sami about being the mole. Sami told her she had stopped plotting, but Kate didn’t believe her and threatened police action. Do you remember what happened with Sami and Kate next? Vote in our “Days” poll: