Those mean old men.

Nothing can rain on a parade faster than a long-lost father showing up out of the woodwork on “Days of Our Lives.” That’s because when it comes to the residents of Salem, those past pops are usually mean, up to no good, and all about sabotaging whatever new life a person has built for themselves. And don’t forget the horrible secrets they bring with them to share with the whole town.

Jordan and Ben’s creepy dad Clyde is just the latest to show up unexpectedly in Salem, and while we’ve yet to see what damage he can do, there have been plenty of parents over the years who have scared up bad memories for their kids. From Adrienne Johnson’s abusive dad Duke, who followed her to town and raped her in 1987, to Nicole Walker’s father Paul, who had once forced her into pornography, then raped Jan Spears when he reappeared in Salem, some parents are much better left in the past.

Among the despicable dads who have suddenly shown up in Salem, who was the worst? Vote in’s “Days” poll, then let us know in the comments about any we missed.