Credit: Alison and Megan (Alison Dyer/People)

I recently spoke with Alison Sweeney (Sami, Days) about her contribution to the American Pharmacists Association and McNeil Consumer Healthcare campaign to promote allergy relief (the interview can be read here) and since I had her on the phone, I took the opportunity to chat her up regarding her love of social media, as well as what’s to come on Days of our Lives.

Since Alison also just had a baby, I first congratulated the actress on her new bundle of joy, Megan, who she described as ‘beautiful’ and ‘cute.’ I also wondered how her son Ben was handling the new addition to the family. “He’s actually been great about it,” she shared. “He just turned four and he’s so cute about his baby sister. He’s calls her cutie pie and Megany Wegany. It’s really cute.”

Even though she is busy with two kids and two jobs (Days and Biggest Loser), Alison still takes time to interact with her fans by way of blogging on the NBC website, as well as other outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. As with many people, Alison has definitely caught the social media bug, exclaiming, “I’m obsessed! For the longest time I was like, ‘Facebook? What is that? Why do people do that?’ And my friends were laughing at me like, ‘Oh you’ll get on it and you’ll be addicted to it.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I have no interest.’ And the next thing you know I am addicted to Facebook and Twitter. It’s seriously not normal. I do it from set and I just have so much fun, like I was watching the sound check of Prince from “The Tonight Show” concert on NBC last week and I was out there with this crowd of like a hundred plus NBC employees all watching Prince’s sound check and the first thing I thought was, ‘I have to tweet about this. This so cool!’ When I realized that was my instinct, I thought, ‘Oh, God. What has happened to you?’”

Keeping up with her fans has always been important to Alison and she certainly doesn’t take them for granted, as she told me, “I love it. I love involving the fans. I’ve always tried to stay really active with the fans because obviously they’re so important to what we do and never more so true than in Daytime and certainly in our financial climate right now and making sure our fans know how much we care about them. I just enjoy it.”

If you follow Alison online, then you know she often tweets while on set at Days. For example, she updated her fans the very first time her British co-star, James Scott (EJ), enjoyed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Stunned that James had never eaten one before, Alison recalled, “I was like, ‘You’ve been in this country for so long’ and he’s like, ‘It’s a kid thing’ and I was like, ‘It’s an everybody thing.’”

Involving the fans and keeping them interested in Daytime has always been important, but maybe never more so than right now, especially with the recent news that Guiding Light has been cancelled. Upon being asked what she thought about this latest development, Alison replied, “I think it’s really sad to see such an amazing show to be taken off the air. It’s been a staple, it’s a main part, certainly of Daytime and television in general, for so long and so it’s sad to see it go and I think it’s just a reminder of how hard we all have to work to keep our favorite shows on the air. We work really hard at Days to make sure that we’re doing the best possible show we can to get as many viewers watching regularly. If you’re a fan of Daytime you gotta tune in, you gotta keep watching.”