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Salem Shenanigans from June 30 – July 4:

Hello “Days of Our Lives” fans, Dustin Cushman here and filling in for Christine Fix, who is on vacation this week. Historically the week of the Fourth of July tends to be slow in Salem because many viewers are often on vacation. That is why this week seemed an odd choice to air the EJ and Sami wedding, an obviously huge event. Let’s get to discussing what happened at the wedding and other developments this week.

The saintly Father Eric.
The week began with Eric trying to become Father Eric once again. Daniel testified on his behalf to the bishop, and eventually Nicole did the right thing and actually told the truth. Hopefully the show will not backtrack and make Eric a priest again, as we will be back to square one with his character. Given that Eric was constantly conflicted and never felt worthy enough to be a priest in the first place, perhaps he should take that as a sign from God to give it up. Maybe he should just go into a humanitarian line of work if he feels the need to do good deeds. Something tells me that Kristen DiMera’s impeding return will likely throw a wrench into Eric’s plan to rejoin the priesthood.

The Donovan sisters team up.
Eve has been in Salem for two seconds and she’s already plotting to make Jennifer’s life a living hell. Eve has always been a get-rich-quick schemer, so the chances that her agreement with Jack is actually legit are probably about the same as Theresa getting clean. Upon realizing Theresa hates Jennifer as much as she does, Eve came up with the idea for them to work together. If the show wants the viewers to give this recast of Eve a chance then pairing her up with Theresa is the wrong way to go. Theresa’s poison will infect Eve and make her as unlikable as her little sister.

Tammy Sue and Ollie.
Kate finally found out part of Jordan’s shocking secret past, which turned out to be incredibly boring. Jordan, whose real name is Tammy Sue, kidnapped her brother Ollie (aka Ben) and ran away from their father. Jordan has made her father Clyde out to be Missouri’s own Stefano DiMera. Hopefully Clyde will actually bring some excitement to this storyline. Still missing in all of this is their mom and what became of her. This entire plot almost seems to be a retelling of the Austin, Billie and Curtis storyline from the 90s. One would think given this scenario that Kate would be a little more sympathetic towards Jordan. Then again Kate has never been good with things like feelings.