Bad blood.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1995 when “Days of our Lives'” Abe Carver learned his wife was a DiMera…

In a surprising move, Abe recently agreed to officiate at EJ DiMera’s upcoming Salem wedding. Abe’s history of animosity toward the DiMera family stemmed from them often being on opposite sides of the law. Back then, Abe was caught up in the investigation of Tony DiMera’s murder and Abe’s wife, Lexi, was searching the Aremid files for records of her adoption. Abe was there for Lexi when she learned that her Aunt Frankie (Celeste Perrault) was actually her mother. However, when it was revealed that Lexi’s father was Stefano DiMera, Abe found it much more difficult to be supportive. Things got even worse when they had to go to Paris to find Stefano and Marlena, whom he had kidnapped. In the ensuing chaos, which involved Marlena imposters and explosions, Stefano and Rachel Blake were presumed dead.

Abe finally caught up to Stefano, but didn’t prosecute him. Do you remember why not? Vote in our “Days” poll: