Credit: Alison Sweeney (NBC)

It’s a pretty well known fact that Alison Sweeney is an extremely busy working mother. Not only does she continue to portray Sami Brady in front burner storylines on Days of Our Lives, but she also hosts The Biggest Loser, has two children and uses her celebrity status to help promote causes and campaigns that have particular meaning to her. Sweeney’s latest contribution is to the American Pharmacists Association and McNeil Consumer Healthcare campaign to promote treatments and tips for allergy and nasal congestion sufferers.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Alison about her involvement in the campaign, as well as learn her tips for combating allergies. How did you get involved in this campaign?

Alison Sweeney: I’m an allergy sufferer. I’ve actually had allergies all my life and so when McNeil approached me to become part of this campaign to raise awareness for allergy sufferers, I was really happy to do it because basically, they discovered like eighty percent of people allow their allergies to slow them down. As a mom, I have two kids, I have two jobs and I was even joking the other day on Twitter, like, Sami cries enough as it is, I can’t have Sami crying because I forgot to take my allergy medicine. It’s things like that and I found that the Zyrtec-D, which is what I take, is behind the counter and so I wanted to make sure, and the Pharmacy Association and McNeil wanted to let people know their medicine is available behind the counter, as well as in the aisles. What is the extent of your role in the campaign?

Alison: Just getting out there to raise awareness for it and different press opportunities for it and interviews like this one and talking to people about it and getting the word out and bringing awareness to the website, which is BTC Center (Behind the Counter). I was unable to access the site, as it is not made available to people in certain states (Illinois, Maine, Missouri and New Mexico). What can people find on the site to help them with their allergies?

Alison: It’s a great website. It’s basically, they have all sorts of information and answer questions and I have a tip sheet with five tips on how to deal with allergies. What are your top tips for fighting allergies and nasal congestion?