Past rivalry.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1988 when “Days of our Lives'” Eve Donovan wanted Jennifer Horton’s man…

Eve Donovan has returned to Salem and the question is whether her rivalry with Jennifer will be reignited should Eve set her sights on Dr. Daniel Jonas. Back then, Eve had a crush on Frankie Brady, who was in love with Jennifer. Eve learned that Frankie had an affair with Paula Carson and made sure that Jennifer found out in an effort to cause trouble between the two. The plan didn’t work in her favor, however, since Frankie ended up leaving town. Years later in 1991, Eve finally got her man after her marriage of convenience to Jack Deveraux was annulled and she was exonerated of any wrongdoing in the death of Nick Corelli. It was Frankie who brought her out of hiding and they became a couple.

The relationship wasn’t trouble-free. Frankie distanced himself from Eve after she took credit for saving their stranded group following a train crash, when it was really Molly Brinker who provided Eve with a map. In the end, however, Eve left Salem with Frankie when work took him away. Do you remember where they went? Vote in our “Days” poll: