Original post: April 3, added date for Molly’s appearance June 15:

Soaps.com reported in January, in our DOOL comings and goings that Molly Burnett (Melanie Layton, DOOL) had been moonlighting with a Primetime gig “True Blood.”

We just learned that Burnett was cast as Amanda Jane, a young Christian girl who plays in an all-female Christian band.

Burnett will be seen in the second episode of series, “Keep This Party Going,” and the show’s second series, on Sunday June 21. Will the likes of Eric, the Viking vampire take a bite out of her, or will Vampire Bill make her a snack? That we can’t tell you, (but we think may have something to do with the Fellowship of the Sun) however, we can tease that fans can expect a big shock Sunday June 15, on the season opener, when we learn who was murdered!

True Blood fans will be happy to note that at the time of writing this first draft, the show is almost halfway through taping Season Two and they can expect to be watching it this summer, starting June 14 on HBO. Check your local listings for times.

Update: Soaps.com has been notified that Molly will play Amanda, a flirty and devoutly Christian girl who hands out “honesty rings” at the Rising Sun Leadership Conference. Amanda is lead singer for an all-female Christian rock band. The band does a song about abstinence that has all the boys in the audience lustful! Molly has two lines and two scenes, and she may possibly be recurring.

Update: Check out her scene and her lovely singing voice on Soap Opera Fan. The song she sings is called, “Jesus asked me out today.”