Rinna as Justin Bieber (ABC)

“I get to sing, dance, act and do impressions – it is almost like “Saturday Night Live” meets karaoke meets Halloween in West Hollywood.”

It’s been a while since Lisa Rinna has appeared on “Days of our Lives” as Billie Reed, but the energetic actress has been incredibly busy anyway, as usual. Her most recent project, ABC’s Sing Your Face Off, showcases Rinna’s singing chops as she competes with four other celebrities as they are transformed and trained to perform as legendary musical icons.

Lisa, who has already knocked it out of the park as Dolly Parton and Britney Spears, can next be seen channeling Katy Perry and Justin Bieber when the show returns Saturday June 7 at 9:00 AM EST with back-to-back episodes. She took time to talk with Soaps.com about what it took to tap into Justin Bieber’s swagger, what her family thinks of her performances – and whether we can expect to see Billie in Salem anytime soon.

Soaps.com: We love watching you on “SYFO!” What a blast.

Rinna: Thank you! I am so happy, I really am. We had so much fun doing it and am so glad that people are enjoying it because that is really what it is all about – fun, family entertainment. We haven’t had that for a while.

Soaps.com: What were your first thoughts when you heard the concept of the show?

Rinna: I thought it was genius to be honest with you. And I went after it. I was not handed this role – I really wanted to do it. So I went in and auditioned for it and had to sing three songs, and I’m not known as a singer. But I really wanted to do this. I don’t know why exactly other than I just knew it would be a blast. After doing “Dancing With The Stars,” I think I am always hungry for something to do like that because it takes me to such an amazing place. And once you do it, you want to continue to do it. So it seemed like a no-brainer to me. I get to sing, dance, act and do impressions – it is almost like “Saturday Night Live” meets karaoke meets Halloween in West Hollywood.

Soaps.com: How did it feel to channel icons like Dolly Parton, Britney Spears and Katy Perry?

Rinna: I am a huge fan of not only singers and pop culture and musical icons, I love Broadway, I love theater, I love pop stars. So it was daunting, it was an honor, and it was truly one of the greatest acting exercises ever because I am portraying people who are actually alive and well and here. And are extremely crazy talented, and I have to somehow do it in a way where I don’t play a caricature, I don’t embarrass them – these are all things that go on in your head when you are taking on somebody like Dolly Parton, who is an icon. And you want to pay homage to them and you want to do it in a way that truly embodies the essence of this person. And that is not easy to do to be honest with you. These people are all very specific, and we love them and have made them into what they are today because of how fantastic and talented they are, but it is all very specific and it takes a lot of praying that you somehow embody their essence. I was just hoping that I didn’t make it a parody and that it really was enjoyable. And if the person I was portraying actually did see it, they would get a chuckle or they would really love it and not cringe. So there was a lot of pressure more than anything.