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These are the “Days of my week” for March 30-April 3:

What did you think of the week as a whole? I thought the pace was good. I polled you all last week about the fuel project storyline and though only 3% loved the fuel project storyline, and a mere 4% of you said it was growing on you, the majority didn’t care for it, and it seems to me as it has come to a close. Good. We’ve moved on to Mia meeting Grace, Dr. Baker returning and EJ feeling that Nicole has betrayed some mobster family “code.”

New digs!
Steph and Chelsea’s apartment was cute. Small. I liked the baby blue paint job. Hey, and Sami’s apartment is looking fine! Far cry from the less than stylish place we saw a week ago! Well done, Days!

Mia, Sami, Nicole, and now Chloe’s preggers scare…
With all these women getting pregnant or assuming they’re pregnant, one wonders if the town of Salem has ever heard of condoms. Sami still needs a job. She could run “The Little Condom Shoppe Around The Corner.”

Sami/Rafe and family:
It was sweet that Sami named Grace after Rafe this week, though I felt she should have used a family member to become Godfather, since she barely knows Rafe. *insert eye roll here* Sure, he cares for her, and appears to be a good person. He even lectured broody, geeky Will. Roman lambasted Sami for her choices, when she has no job or husband or any way to support the kids. I agreed with his rant but found the scenes with Caroline talking Roman into supporting Sami awkward and I’m not even sure why.

Tony’s death:
Tony’s life remained in the balance for the first two days of last week until he had a heart attack and died, Tuesday. Without Anna at his side. He barely wrote out the letter B (for baby) to give EJ a heads up about his lying scheming soon-to-be-bride. Not much to go on, but EJ kept the note in his hand as if it’s going to sprout words. It perturbed me that Nicole kept putting Hope off at the hospital instead of giving her statement. Two days we had to watch this. Not only would it never have flown in real life, it was just hard to watch. Arianne rocked her scenes and I hated Nicole, for once. Stefano was in fine form at the hospital, too, showing he had a heart. Far cry from the Stefano we saw moments previous, droning on and on about how Tony was dead to him! I loved Anna for coming to the manse, giving Stefano a piece of her mind and slapping him, but wasn’t impressed that the show decided not to even have her at the hospital. And now she’s gone. Stefano and EJ mourned him but decided to turn their thoughts to the upcoming wedding. Will it happen?