In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 2011 when “Days of our Lives'” Gabriella Hernandez plotted to get Chad DiMera back…

Currently in Salem, Gabi just confessed to the murder of Nick Fallon, however, this isn’t the first time Gabi has visited her dark side. Back then, Gabi tried to break-up Chad and Melanie Layton by hiring a guy named Andrew to be her fake stalker. Andrew ‘attacked’ Gabi in public where Chad could see. The plan to make Chad feel protective of her worked well, but then Gabi lost control of Andrew, who escalated things and ended up kidnapping Melanie. Andrew held Melanie captive in his basement. Gabi found out but kept quiet, believing that Mel would be released once Gabi had successfully reunited with Chad, and because Andrew had a recording implicating her in the kidnapping. After Chad got suspicious and began searching for Mel, Andrew took his captive to the Salem tunnels, where Gabi warned him the police were on the way. As Gabi came upon Andrew and Melanie in the tunnels there was a huge explosion. Chad heard the truth about Gabi’s involvement when Andrew threatened Gabi with exposure on his deathbed.

Gabi reacted to the failure of her plan and Chad’s disgust with her by acting out. Do you remember what she did? Vote in our “Days” poll: