Now played by…

With Robert Scott Wilson in Salem to shake up the still-fresh role of Ben, Kassie DePaiva on the horizon to take over the role of Eve Donavan from Charlotte Ross, and speculation abundant about who might fill the shoes of Sami or EJ should that be what’s needed when Alison Sweeney and James Scott leave their roles sometime this year, we can’t help but think of all the recasts the fans have witnessed over the years.

Some recasts have been so good it’s hard to imagine who originated the role, some actors and actresses were never given a real chance, and still other roles were perfectly played by multiple people. Even our most beloved characters have gone through two, three, or more recasts – and then back again. So which of the show’s many recasts over the years have been the most impactful?

Vote in’s “Days” poll for what you consider to be the most memorable Salem switcheroo, and let us know in the comments about any we missed.