Matt Purvis of gave a four star review of author Nick Katsoris’ second book in the Loukoumi series, Growing up with Loukoumi, which all of us here at adored. The books follow the story of a little lamb named Loukoumi. A very important message was heard throughout the second book, as Frank Dicopoulos (Frank, Guiding Light) suggested, “The most important thing a child can have is dreams.” Dicopoluous, just one of the many celebrities who helped spread the word, lent his celebrity voice to a recording as Dean the Dog, in the last of the award winning series.

Nick Katsoris is back in the media, with his newest book in the series, “Loukoumi’s Good Deeds,” due out April 1 in bookstores. This book, not unlike the last, was meant to inspire children everywhere. In this third book, Loukoumi, along with friends, Gus the Bear, Fistiki the Cat, Dean the Dog and Marika the Monkey, learns the importance of making somebody smile, doing a good deed and lending a hand to a friend in need. This time, John Aniston (Victor, Days of Our Lives) and daughter, Jennifer Aniston, narrate the third book, “Loukoumi’s Good Deeds,” in a CD that comes free with the purchase of the book. The CD also hosts voices by Grammy winner, Gloria Gaynor and Oscar Winner, Olympia Dukakis, and includes an original song by Ms. Gaynor, “Make Someone Smile.” There is also a bonus track on the CD that kids will love, called “Loukoumi’s Gift,” which is narrated by John Aniston and features Jennifer Aniston, voicing the part of Daisy the Giraffe, who teaches Loukoumi that a gift needs not cost a lot of money, but instead can come from the heart.