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Salem Shenanigans from May 12 – 16:

It was a melancholy week as Nick died and folks reminisced about who he was before his prescription drug addiction and after his stint in prison. While some were pained to see Nick, and some guilt surfaced, others seemed to almost jump for joy. That storyline has been intriguing and it’s been a good week albeit almost low-key May Sweeps.

Who shot Nick?
Nick was shot three times. Once in the back, then twice in the chest which is making some viewers believe he was shot by two or even three people. Whoever did it wanted the job done but why didn’t they just shoot him in the grey matter? If the hitman indeed did the deed he wouldn’t have done him execution style because it’d be too obvious. Hope, AKA The Pride of the Salem PD, seems to be reaching in thinking the shooting was a hit since it doesn’t look like one so far. We’ll know more after the autopsy.

Nick’s last moments were brilliantly acted. It was easy to see Susan Seaforth Hayes came from a theatrical background while she played Julie so over-the-top and accusatory of everyone in the square.

Poor Allie. Sure, as they say, ‘kids are resilient’ but seeing her cousin dying is going to haunt her, maybe even shape her character though it’s unclear at this point whether or not she’ll be staying in Salem when EJ and Sami leave.

Last week our whodunit list included Sami and EJ’s hitman, Lucas, Kate, Will, Sonny, Percy, Abigail, Nick – because it’s altogether possible that Nick has a doppelgänger – and Stefano acting on Kate’s behalf without her knowledge. Many want to blame and are speculating that Gabi ended Nick. She’s an easy target. Her motive? She wanted out from underneath Nick’s thumb and wanted things to go back to normal. She’s rushing to get back to work, namely to Argentina for that modelling gig, but that could mean she’s either on the run or taking her mind off her grief. It didn’t go unnoticed, the speed of which she got EJ to draw up a new custody agreement, giving her and Will shared custody of Arianna.

Rafe keeps telling anyone who will listen that if he was the detective in charge, he’d put himself at the top of the suspect list. His motive? Getting Nick away from his sister. So why is it again that he’s not working the case? Is it because he believes Gabi, Will, or Sonny shot Nick or because he is the one who did it? Leaving Hope in charge was almost cruel considering Nick is or was her cousin and she’s closer to the case as Rafe is. Maybe it’ll give her good motivation to solve the case. I’ll save the SPD jokes this time.