Young love.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1992 when “Days of our Lives'” Carrie Brady began falling for Austin Reed…

Currently, the young lovebirds in Salem are reformed bad boy, JJ Deveraux, and Paige Larson, who are growing close enough that she’s asked him to meet her family. Back then, Carrie fell for Austin, who was her neighbor. She was sharing an apartment with his sister, Billie Reed, who was battling a drug habit, when she learned Austin had plans to throw a prize fight. Carrie locked him in a mountain cabin to keep him from going through with it. This made Austin very angry, but he forgave her. He took a break from boxing, and when he returned to it, Carrie was supportive. It wasn’t long before Austin got involved with a gambling ring run by a shady character named Gus who, once again, wanted him to throw a fight. Carrie attended the boxing match and cheered Austin on until he won. Angry with Austin, Gus threw acid at him, but it hit Carrie in the face.

Later, at the hospital, Austin proposed to Carrie, who turned him down without telling him the real reason why. Do you remember what her reason was for rejecting Austin’s proposal? Vote in our “Days” poll: