In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1978 when “Days of our Lives'” Julie found herself on trial for murder…

Nick Fallon gets shot this week in Salem, which will no doubt lead to questions about who pulled the trigger. Back then, it was Nick’s cousin, Julie Williams, who found herself embroiled in a shooting-related mess when she was accused of killing Larry Atwood. Larry helped Julie with staffing problems at Doug’s Coffee House when her husband, Doug Williams, was out of town. During this time, Larry successfully enacted his plan to rape Julie. Traumatized, Julie pulled away from everyone, including Doug when he finally returned. After Julie finally told Doug about the rape, Larry turned up dead and Julie was put on trial for shooting and killing him. Eventually, it came out that Larry’s assistant had murdered him and Julie was acquitted.

Unbeknownst to Julie and Doug, Larry had a hand in keeping Doug out of town deliberately so he could rape Julie. Do you remember what he did to keep Doug away from Salem? Vote in our “Days” poll below.