More blackmail... (NBC Universal Inc.)

Salem Shenanigans from April 14 – 18:

Another week of blackmail, loads of hypocrisy thrown into the mix, and while we can see things are starting to gear up for May Sweeps there are still issues…

“Wah wah wah.”
When EJ talks – when anybody talks, does Sami, AKA “The Mouth,” just hear what Charlie Brown hears when his teacher or mother talks? EJ has proven he really does love kids. He must, to be marrying one. EJ told Sami numerous times to leave Gabi alone because they need to treat the Nick situation delicately. If anybody knows how to out scheme a schemer it’s a DiMera. Sami, on the other hand, is the biggest screw up in the history of Salem and yet the hypocrite blew up at Gabi for being stupid and not because she’s concerned for Gabi’s welfare. Calling Gabi an unfit mother was a little over-the-top and coming from Sami was a laugh. Blubbering like a five-year-old when her adult son Will asked her to abide by some boundaries like any normal human should sent many viewers over the edge.

Gabi’s life; Gabi’s decisions.
As stupid as we think Gabi’s decisions are, they’re hers. She’s an adult and can do whatever she wants. Even though I’m on WilSon’s side with this, they really all are on her case too much. EJ’s right – the more you push someone the more they can pull away. Thankfully Will brought up getting a custodial agreement drawn up but you know this just means Nick will put a stop it. Many have been wondering when the show would bring up her letting Andrew kidnap Melanie and EJ did that this week. Is this because Gabi might at some point finally see the light and Nick may have to resort to blackmailing her in order to get what he wants? It wouldn’t be a surprise but it’d come at a personal cost to him. I think. Sometimes I’m not even sure he really loves her or if this is all a rouse. He’s pretty smart and it’s wrong to underestimate him. It’d be interesting if Will brought it up in order to get custody if Nick pushes him too far. Some viewers wouldn’t mind seeing Gabi in jail since she didn’t have to pay for her crime other than with guilt. Funny she hasn’t even once overheard Nick being a jerk when everyone else in Salem overhears just about every secret there is. Gah.

Will’s a bit of an enigma.
It was good to see Will stand up for his family to his mother and Rafe this week. I like this side of him. His upbringing has never matched the kind of man he turned out to be though and it’s really not that believable that he has virtually no flaws. Every character needs flaws. I still miss EJill! Nu-Will doesn’t have the same chemistry as the last portrayer did with EJ.

Here’s the thing: Jennifer was good with Jack because she was the martyr and he was the antihero. Both Dan and Jenn are martyrs. You can’t have two martyrs or this is what you get – a boring couple. It’d have worked if Jenn dated Liam and found out he was psycho when they dated and her friend Daniel helped her out of the relationship. As. A. Friend. People might have started to like Jenn again and hate Liam. As it stands most just want Liam gone because it’s a waste of story. The others are rooting for him to take Jenn Jenn out.