Safeguarding sister.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1987 when “Days of our Lives'” Adrienne Johnson killed her father, Duke…

Rafe Hernandez is currently the most protective brother in Salem, working to keep Nick Fallon from hurting his sibling Gabi, but back then, it was Steve Johnson who stepped up to protect Adrienne. Steve and Adrienne learned they were sister and brother back in 1987, but soon after, their abusive father, Duke, showed up and ruined their happy reunion. Duke beat and raped Adrienne, who got her hands on a gun and killed him in self-defense. She blocked the traumatic event from her mind, and it was Steve who took the rap for their father’s murder to protect his sister.

Steve was on trial for the crime and about to be sentenced when something happened to change things. Do you remember what occurred? Vote in our “Days” poll: