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Salem Shenanigans from March 31 – April 4:

Television history was made this week when Will and Sonny (WilSon) were wed in the first gay wedding between two men in soap opera history. Other than that we’ve a few rants and a few raves. On with it!

Salemites clumsiness.
Adrienne broke the wind chimes which were part of WilSon’s wedding gift while running smack into Aiden, Gabi almost knocked Nick over at the park on her way to WilSon’s bachelor party…the list goes on. Having characters “bump” right into each other happens altogether too often in Salem.

Abigail and EJ.
Obviously Stefano had the photos taken of EJ kissing Abby. Some of us think he may have paid Dr. Garcia off to tell Abby she’s not pregnant when she in fact is. I don’t really care either way but it would create more impact by keeping Abigail pregnant. Stefano could ensure his grandchild is a part of his life and can try to split up EJ and Sami for good. Stefano does love to control his kids and he loathes Sami. If Abigail’s not pregnant, then many are not sure why the story was written at all!

So tired of her. If you need to hide a relationship from your family and friends, said relationship is not healthy.

Senseless lies.
First Nicole lies to Jenn about why she was ditching her during lunch, then she lied to Eric about being at work when she was really in the forest setting fire to the shredded paper. Nicole was beyond this for so long it’s hard to see her slip back into lying. Moocat, one of our forum members, says, “I’m surprised that Nicole didn’t smell like smoke after standing over that burning trash can.”

What a mundane thing to have Dannifer argue about. How each of them keeps their finances. “It juliennes potatoes,” was the worst line perhaps ever and made Jenn look even more dorky. Sure I know this is furthering Liam’s stalking story but it couldn’t be less exciting.

Aiden and Hope.
Aiden didn’t tell Hope the name of his wife. Why would she even ask? They’re not friends. Where is this going? Hope should concern herself more with keeping Ciara away from Theresa and helping her daughter with her insecurity issues. It’d be pitiful to see Ciara turn into one of those girls who are so insecure they can’t leave the house without being covered head to toe in some brand name.

Bachelor party.
How on earth did Tad screw up and wind up getting a female stripper for the WilSon bachelor party instead of a dude? “Days” doesn’t need to resort to sitcom gimmicks to make people laugh.