In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1967 when “Days of our Lives'” Marie Horton fell for Dr. Mark Brooks…

Jordan Ridgeway and Rafe Hernandez aren’t the only couple to have fallen in love while interacting closely at Salem University Hospital, nor the only ones who may be affected by a secret. Long ago, Marie Horton became smitten with the newly-arrived Dr. Brooks when she worked as his assistant. He returned her feelings, but they moved slowly, which proved to be a wise decision. In 1968 it was revealed that Mark was actually Tommy Horton Jr., who was believed to have perished in the Korean War. It turned out he had been captured and tortured, but escaped. He underwent plastic surgery due to extensive scarring and returned to the world as an amnesiac using a friend’s name, eventually ending up in Salem.

Marie, of course, was devastated to learn that she had fallen in love with her own brother. Do you remember what she did afterward? Vote in our “Days” poll: