In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 2002 when “Days of our Lives'” Lucas Roberts had it in for Sami Brady…

Lucas has been taking his mother, Kate Roberts, to task for digging in Jordan Ridgeway’s past and trying to cause trouble for her, perhaps because he knows from experience that these schemes can backfire. Back then, Lucas was out to get back at Sami using whatever means possible. In 2001, Lucas lost custody of Will thanks to Sami finding out he’d killed Franco, and then spent time in a hospital and rehab facility after he nearly died in a fire while drinking. Lucas finally made his way back to Salem the following year and was focused on hurting Sami. He took a job with the evil Andre DiMera, who was posing as his brother Tony DiMera, and eventually got some dirt on Sami. He found out that she had switched the paternity results on Lexi Carver’s baby and used the information to destroy her marriage to Brandon Walker immediately after they were wed.

Later, Lucas and Andre/Tony were celebrating back at the DiMera mansion when Sami burst in looking for a confrontation. Someone got hurt and went to the hospital in critical condition. Do you remember what happened? Vote in our “Days” poll: