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Salem Shenanigans from February 24 – 28:

Another fun week of spying on Salemites. We saw the end of one affair, two couples starting fresh, and one psycho pulling everyone’s strings. On to the blog.

“This will never happen again.”
At least not until next time…EJ and Abigail’s story heated up this week when he forcibly told her that what they were doing was wrong. You know, because she couldn’t figure it out on her own… EJ was really cruddy to her which we assume he thought was the only way to make this girl see that the affair had to end. He was right of course. It appears as though she may be equating hot sex with an expression of love. She’s young and living in a fantasy world. Didn’t Jenny teach her the facts of life? Does Abigail know about EJ’s super potent sperm? He hadn’t had sex in months which made it even more virile and I doubt either was using any form of protection. I want to say EJ really should have known better than to get with her but really, at this point what does it matter?

Sonny and Will announced their engagement to Adrienne and oddly Sonny’s expectations were high. She found it rather sudden like there should have been some build up toward that final goal. She didn’t figure moving in was a big step in that direction? I do agree marriage is a big step and she did seem like she was just trying to process the whole thing. Sonny needs to change his expectations with her or he’ll always be hurt by the things she says. They have this illusion that nothing is going to change once they marry and they think they’ll always want to live with Gabi and Arianna. Eventually they may want their own life and if they’re both in Arianna’s life and she knows she’s loved there should be no reason why they can’t live apart. Just like the rest of the world…Not that it matters because Gabi’s leaving the show.

Nick strikes again.
Buddy’s a real piece of work. Not only did he come between Gabi and Tad but he hurt T’s feelings in the process. It was unnecessary and cruel. Maybe it’s better if T was out of the picture as far as Gabi goes because it doesn’t look like this is going to end well for her.

Jordan Rogers.
We learned Jordan’s surname is Rogers – we assume, otherwise why would the camera have panned to Ben’s Club TBD application? Rafe and Jordan have the same exact temperament which really bores the crap out of me. They agree on everything, are sweet, nice, good, yawn… Oh but…did we hear her correctly? Jordan finds Rafe philosophical? Rafe. Rafe’s a good guy but nobody’s ever mistaken him for philosophical. The most exciting thing that happened between these two this week was Rafe saying he was going commando but he only meant that he’s sans cane now. I thought it was really well done how long the show delayed getting rid of the cane. It’s good to see him not quite back to his old self but still on the mend. This is a rarity in soaps. I remember when PhillyK had a prosthetic leg and only limped for a few months until the show decided they were finished with all that.

We’re still no further in figuring out Kate’s motivation in helping Rafe other than her feeling of guilt. Is there still more?