In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1989 when “Days of our Lives'” Jennifer Horton ended up torn between two loves…

In Salem, Jennifer just reunited with her current love, Dr. Daniel Jonas, who had been hiding his true feelings for her, but back then, it was Jack Deveraux who kept his feelings under wrap. Jennifer and Jack were helping a homeless woman named Sally by fostering her baby to keep it off the streets when they began developing feelings for one another. Unfortunately for Jack, Jennifer’s former boyfriend, Emilio Ramirez, returned to town. Jenn reunited with Emilio, but felt torn between the two men in her life. Eventually, Emilio proposed. Jack hid his true feelings from Jennifer, and she became engaged to Emilio.

When Jack realized he made a mistake, he became desperate to keep Jennifer from marrying Emilio and kidnapped her on her wedding day. Do you remember what happened after Jennifer escaped? Vote in our “Days” poll: